Top 10 reasons to use North American BanCard for all of your payment processing needs:

1) Free Credit Card Machine: We offer the best free equipment program in industry. Free State of the Art terminals that are EMV compliant & Apple Pay enabled and even allow for ‘tip adjust’ if needed.  We also offer free POS Tablet solutions and Free card readers that will work with your smart phone or mobile device. Our equipment is truly free as long as you process with us.

2) Customer Service & Technical Support, American Employees to support American’s small businesses:  True 24 / 7 & 365 customer service. Although we do offer support in multiple languages upon request, our service staff speaks English as a first language. North American Bancard is one of the fastest growing companies and largest job creators in Michigan.  You will be NEVER transferred overseas or to a third party.

3) We can do the same for less! Unlike our competition, we are not just a sales organization. We are actually a processor. We own EPX.  Why do you care? Because  we can process the same transactions for less than our competitors.  This means we can save our customers a lot of money processing the same cards.

4) Low Cost: In case you missed it in #3, our rates & per transaction cost are lower than our competitors. We offer options with no transaction costs and no monthly fees at all.

5) No set up fees: We  really offer free POS equipment with absolutely no upfront costs?

6) No Contract term, no Early Termination Fees:  We will actually give you free POS equipment and NOT lock you into a contract or charge you a termination fee.
“No Termination fee” option is available for most of our solutions.

7) Our sales consultants are required to know your business as well as ours.  They have extensive training and experience in the specialty retail, restaurant and hospitality industries as well as the processing needs of the marketplace, current requirements and all possible solutions for most industries. They can recommend your top 1 or 2 choices after you answer just 4 or 5 quick questions about your business.

8) We can work on your current POS solution:   We will integrate to it for free. We can reprogram your current equipment for Free.

9) We are a one-stop shop for all your business services needs.  We offer Merchant Cash Advances, Social Media management and online marketing, EChecks, Check Guarantee & conversion, Credit and Debit, Gift Card & Loyalty card programs, payroll and more.

10) Business Ethics: The outside sales team, led by Jim Soltis, is so committed to ethical business that we will not even accept clients that promote anything which is illegal, immoral or unethical.

Merchant Account Solutions

All merchants receive free credit card processing equipment from North American Bancard! We offer payment processing services to all merchants in almost all industries. We can process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit, Fleet Cards, Voyager, Wright Express eChecks, Electronic Check Conversion, EBT and more.

Call us at 1-800-591-8660 for a free proposal, request a merchant account quote online, or read more about our payment processing services below.
retail merchant  
account Retail Merchant Account:
If you have a traditional storefront where you will be able to swipe your customer’s credit card through a terminal for the majority of your transactions.
wireless credit card processing terminal Wireless Credit Card Processing Terminal:
Do you go out "on site" and see your customers? Do you wish you could take advantage of the 1.09% discount rate? Many service businesses like roofers, plumbers, and carpenters are turning to cellular and saving money. Mobile merchants like home based sales people and flea markets are doing the same.
capital for merchants Need Money Now? Capital For Merchants:
Do you need cash to grow your existing business? Capital For merchants gives you a hassle free alternative to conventional business loans and gives you the opportunity to leverage the greatest asset you have...your future sales!
Phone Swipe Phone Swipe for your iPhone, iPad or Android:
Do you have an iPhone, iPad or Android? Our Phone Swipe will plug right into your iPhone, iPad or Android and enable you to swipe, or hand key in transactions anywhere you go.

Verifone Retail: High Speed Merchant Account
If you have high speed internet in your store or restaurant via DSL or Cable Modem, then we should be able to save you the monthly fee for a dedicated phone line and greatly reduce your transaction time which will increase your customer satisfaction.
restaurant merchant account Restaurant Merchant Account:
Most restaurants qualify for even lower rates than retail stores.
ViVOpay 4000 Pay at the Pump Petroleum Solutions:
Both at the pump and inside the gas station we can process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit, Fleet Cards, Voyager, Wright Express, check conversion with guarantee and more.
ViVOpay 4000 Free "Tap and Go" VivoTech 4000 terminal:
Enjoy the speed and increased sales of the latest "Tap and Go" technology
payments online Accept Payments Online:
If you would like your customers’ to be able to purchase from your website.
credit card processing software Credit Card Processing Software:
PC software can be loaded on your PC or virtual terminal options give you online access to your virtual terminal so you can authorize transactions from any computer in the world.
accept credit cards over the phone Accept Credit Cards Over the Phone or by Mail:
You hand key enter all of your transactions.
accept credit cards over the phone Accept Credit Cards Over the Phone:
Authorize any transaction through any phone in the country. If you have just a few transactions a month, this might be the best solution for you. Many low volume service businesses like roofers, plumbers, and carpenters have been using dial pay for years and are still saving money. Low volume Mobile merchants like home based sales people and flea markets are doing the same.
check conversion | check guarantee Electronic Check Conversion | Check Guarantee:
Do your customers’ checks ever bounce? Check Guarantee is basically like and insurance policy for your checks. Even if they bounce, you get paid 100% of the face value.
gift card  
program Gift Card Program:
Would you like to offer electronic gift or loyalty cards to your customers? It is a great way to increase your market share and increase the average amount your customer spends in the store.
accept echeck Accept eCheck:
Would you like to be able to accept checks over the internet, fax or phone?


We offer many different ways to accept credit cards at North American Bancard: Many different traditional Credit Card terminals including High Speed DSL or Cable Modem connectivity, Debit Pin Pads, Cellular solutions, Online Gateways, PC Software, and even dial pay solutions that you can access from any phone in the country.

Call us at 1-800-591-8660 for a free proposal or request a merchant account quote online.

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