Phone, Mailed, or Hand-Keyed Solutions

Credit Card Merchant Account Solutions for Mail, Fax, or Phone Order

Phone, Mailed, or Hand-Keyed Solutions

Credit Card Merchant Account Solutions for Mail, Fax, or Phone Order

If you hand key enter all of your transactions, you can use almost any terminal or solution including:

  • Software
  • Virtual Terminals
  • Traditional Terminals
  • Dial Pay Solutions

It might be wise to call one of our consultants to discuss the best solution for your business. Price is only one of the concerns. You will also want to consider:

  • Ease of Use
  • Number of Users
  • Where users will be when they need access to the terminal
  • Number of transactions per month
  • Price of the solutions

Let us help you decide on the best solution for your business!

Credit Card Processing Software

We offer a wide range of credit card processing software

Accept credit cards using your computer: PC software can be loaded on your PC or virtual terminal. Our credit card processing software options give you online access to your virtual terminal so you can authorize transactions from any computer in the world.

Virtual Terminal: FREE Set Up Access from any computer in the world with internet access

Hand Keyed Transactions: (Virtual Terminals only allow for hand keyed transactions)

Credit & Debit Cards:

Qualified Credit Card and Debit Card Rate 2.08%

For a free custom proposal or request a Credit Card Processing Software quote that will enable you to accept payment online

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A920 Point of Sale System

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We offer Reduced Credit Card Fees that can reduce your monthly credit card processing costs by up to 90%

PayAnywhere A Smarter Point of Sale

With the power of PayAnywhere, you can:

  • Accept online payments and create recurring invoices
  • Manage your employees with hiring software, scheduling functionality, and a free, fully featured time clock
  • Manage your customers, inventory, and chargebacks
  • View, compare, and export real-time data sales, customers, employees, products, and more