Introducing POS PROS: Solution Fitting Professional Service to help you choose the right POS solution for your business.

Introducing POS PROS: Solution Fitting

Professional Service to help you choose the right POS solution for your business.

You tell us your needs and our POS Professional Services Experts (not sales reps) recommend your best options given your needs and budget.

Once they help you narrow down the field, they will walk you thru a software demo of your top choice or choices, come up with the most functional and cost-effective configuration and offer pricing without mark-up.

Choosing the right POS for your business has always been a difficult chore until now. You know you need a POS to not only process payments but also run your operations efficiently. Maybe you want to capture customer data for marketing to increase your revenue, manage inventory and ordering, maybe run a loyalty program, back up your data, track profitability, or perhaps facilitate scheduling & time clock, manage payroll and accounting and possibly so much more.

There are countless POS solutions out there, and all their sales reps will try to convince you that theirs is the best one for you. But our professional services experts are truly platform indifferent. They just want to help you pick the best POS for your business so that you are very happy and keep your payment processing with us.

NAB has countless POS systems certified on our EPX platform which you can choose from, but why should it be your job to learn enough about all of them to make a wise choice? It is not! Let us help guide you based on your specific needs. Please fill out the form on the right with as much detail as you like and we will get in contact with you to start the deeper needs analysis and walk with you every step of the way.

Take the first step toward the perfect POS system for your business: fill out the form on the right.

NAB Customers can use EDGE, the best cash discount program

  • No monthly or annual costs for Edge Cash Discounting
  • No contract commitment
  • Free card reading terminal (if needed)
  • No confusing customer receipts

With the Edge Cash Discount program you will enjoy the same profit margins from cash payments as you do from non-cash payments.

Find the right POS for your business

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Here is just a sample of some of our more popular POS solutions:

Paradise POS offers a cutting-edge iOS-based point of sale software for technology savvy retailers and restaurants who demand a best-in-class mobile solution for their business needs.

  • iPad ready
  • Easy to learn interface
  • Outstanding tech support
  • Mobile access

Paradise offers multiple looks and options to choose from:

Sample Screen shot Receipts for merchants on Edge Cash Discounting using Paradise POS


Edge Customer Experience Demo:

This video shows the customer experience when shopping at a retail store using NAB’s Edge Cash Discounting program.

Growthzilla is a cloud-based POS that works with Android devices. This system was designed specifically for salons, spas, barbershops and almost any other business based on appointments.


Meet Uzeli

The Mighty Salon Software

  • Online Appointments
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Gift Card Management
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Customer, Staff & Sales Reports

Omnichannel POS for every merchant type from QSR to Liquor stores and much more.



HotSauce™ is a hardware-based POS designed specifically for Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs.  With hundreds of different features HotSauce can be configured and customized to meet your specific modifications & needs. HotSauce™  Fast Bar was developed with bar owners, bar manager, and bartenders to ensure the simplest and fastest order entry process of any Bar POS system. HotSauceTM  Fast Bar will help you increase profits through the many distinguishing features that complement the fast pace of your business operations.

Amber Systems Technologies Is an Omnichannel POS. AST has been supporting business owners for the past decade. We deliver high quality products using the best modern technologies available. AST  POS is used and loved by all types of  retailers & restaurants.



All NAB Merchants Enjoy These FREE Services

A920 Point of Sale System

Save 5-10 hours per week on team management tasks like employee scheduling, time tracking, and hiring. Want to know the best part? It’s FREE!

Are you tired of sales people trying to get you to switch credit card processors to save tiny amounts? Our goal is to get your bill to ZERO.

What is the best way to get working capital for your business? Navigating all the funding options from SBA Loans to lines of credit can be overwhelming. Our Financial Products Pros division will help you make the best choice for you.

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