Mobile Credit Card Processing

Whether you choose PayAnywhere, or a Cellular Terminal with Receipt Printer, Mobile Credit Card Processing is the smartest way to accept cash and credit card payments. Swipe or key in Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal cards at a low rate.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Merchant Account Solutions for Wireless Credit Card Processing

Do you go out “on site” and see your customers? Do you wish you could take advantage of the 1.09% discount rate? Many service businesses like roofers, plumbers, and carpenters are turning to cellular and saving money. Mobile merchants like home based sales people and flea markets are doing the same.

Vx 680 from Verifone

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Use this free credit card machine and get Strong and Wide Coverage Area! Process transactions at every place your business needs to be. If ANY cell phones work in your area, this unit will work there as well! Receipt printer included. Rates: See below

2-IN-1 PayAnywhere for your Smart Phone or Mobile Device

PayAnywhere will easily integrate with your iPhone, iPad or Android and enable you to swipe, or hand key in transaction anywhere your cell phone goes.

New customer? Apply now and start processing on your smart phone or mobile device in as little as 15 minutes.

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PayAnywhere 3 in 1

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Rates for Verifone and Hypercom solutions

Blend Your Credit & Signature Debit Cards:

Qualified Credit Card and Debit Card Rate 1.09%


Split Your Signature Debit Cards and Credit Cards:

Signature Debit 0.55%

Credit Cards 1.58%

All NAB Merchants Enjoy These FREE Services

A920 Point of Sale System

Save 5-10 hours per week on team management tasks like employee scheduling, time tracking, and hiring. Want to know the best part? It’s FREE!

Are you tired of sales people trying to get you to switch credit card processors to save tiny amounts? Our goal is to get your bill to ZERO.

Navigating the loan and cash advance landscape can be overwhelming. NAB is the quick and simple alternative when you need cash fast.

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We offer Reduced Credit Card Fees that can reduce your monthly credit card processing costs by up to 90%

PayAnywhere A Smarter Point of Sale

With the power of PayAnywhere, you can:

  • Accept online payments and create recurring invoices
  • Manage your employees with hiring software, scheduling functionality, and a free, fully featured time clock
  • Manage your customers, inventory, and chargebacks
  • View, compare, and export real-time data sales, customers, employees, products, and more