Mobile Credit Card Processing

Whether you choose PayAnywhere, or a Cellular Terminal with Receipt Printer, Mobile Credit Card Processing is the smartest way to accept cash and credit card payments. Swipe or key in Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal cards at a low rate.

Mobile Credit Card Processing Options

Wireless Credit Card Processing

When people say ‘Wireless’ or ‘mobile’ they may mean ‘Cellular / 4G’ or ‘Wifi.’ We have 3 very popular solutions to address both needs. We have 2 choices of free terminals we can send you

  1. The Vx680 which is fully mobile and can work anywhere WiFi or cellular are available and
  2. the PayAnywhere Smart Terminal which is also able be fully mobile on WiFi only but also comes with a SIM card and can be used on Cellular GPRS or 4g if your WiFi does not work.
  3. We also have the PayAnywhere App which can be loaded onto your mobile device and we send you our 2 in 1 card reader.

Vx 680 from Verifone

Purchase: FREE

Use this free credit card machine and get Strong and Wide Coverage Area! Process transactions at every place your business needs to be. If ANY cell phones work in your area, this unit will work there as well on 4G.

Receipt printer included.

Rates: Terminal will ship pre-loaded with our Edge Cash Discount program. The Edge Cash Discount program is designed to get every business’s costs to accept non-cash payments as close to zero as possible.

Equipment, no upfront or monthly costs. Truly Free. If you ever leave us, just return it in good working order.  Costs you will have to cover are limited to: $25 monthly cellular wireless fee and a 10 cent cellular wireless transaction fee if you active the SIM card to use the cellular networks.  If you only use as WIFI, you will not have the $25 and 10 cent costs.

All other costs should be offset by the Edge Cash Discount program as long as you are processing with us. Apply Now   Or Get More Info

Get Started With Mobile Credit Card Processing

    PayAnywhere Smart Terminal (Pax A920):

    This is not just a simple terminal. This is a terminal with fully functional point of sale software for just $9.95 per month.

    Equipment, no upfront or monthly costs for hardware; however, there is a $9.95 monthly software fee. You never pay for the hardware, just return it in good working order if you ever leave us. Costs you will have to cover are limited to the $9.95 monthly software fee if you only use the WIFI. If you use it as a cellular terminal and choose to activate the Sim card there is a $19.95 monthly wireless fee. All other costs should be offset by the Edge Cash Discount program as long as you are processing with us. Apply Now    Or Get More Info.

    PayAnywhere for your Mobile Device

    Do you just want to accept payments on your smart phone or tablet? It is simple, just apply here and download the PayAnywhere app from your app store.

    Once approved you will be able to hand key in transaction immediate. We will send you 2 in 1 card reader which you should receive in a couple of days. Apply Now      Or Get More Info

    There is no upfront or fixed monthly costs for this program as long are you are actively processing with us. If you every leave us, just return the card reader. If you want to use the Edge Cash Discount program, you just need to turn it on in setting once you activate your account. We are here to help.

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    PayAnywhere A Smarter Point of Sale

    With the power of PayAnywhere, you can:

    • Accept online payments and create recurring invoices
    • Manage your employees with hiring software, scheduling functionality, and a free, fully featured time clock
    • Manage your customers, inventory, and chargebacks
    • View, compare, and export real-time data sales, customers, employees, products, and more