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The Benefits of PayAnywhere

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to accept customer payments? PayAnywhere offers business owners in many industries a convenient and accessible method to accept payments, with low transaction costs. Get the tools you need to make payment processing a breeze, with the data you need to stay on top of your business cashflow.

PayAnywhere helps businesses build relationships with their clients through safe and convenient credit card processing. See how PayAnywhere goes to work for your business.

Convenient Payment Processing

PayAnywhere offers point of sale credit card processing as well as virtual payment processing. Accept customer payments online for their convenience and yours! Our mobile credit card readers are easily paired with smartphones and tablets for use wherever your business takes you. Accept payments from physical swipe and EMV chip credit and debit cards, as well as mobile wallet programs including Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

Low Transaction Fees

Are you sick of paying a high transaction fee to offer your customers the convenience of credit card payments? Each swipe of a card can cost your business an average of 2 percent, if not more. Are you overpaying to accept your customers’ credit card payments?

With PayAnywhere, our plans start as low as 1.69 percent per swipe, dip, or tap transaction. This means more money stays with your business, where you can put it to good use investing in the tools you need for continued success and growth. Our flexible plans offer pay as you go payments or can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

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Using PayAnywhere gives your business detailed sales reporting of all payment transactions as well as deposits. Break down your data by employee, payment type, item, customer, or discounts to learn more about performance so you can optimize selling success.

PayAnywhere reports are easily customized by date range. Make comparisons between the present and previous periods to gauge performance. Download and export sales report with a single click. See what’s going on with your sales today, yesterday, or last month straight from your mobile device. Stay up-to-date minute by minute with data sent right to your Apple Watch!

Easy Invoicing

With PayAnywhere, your business can create and email invoices to customers for convenient online payments. You’ll have the ability to set up reoccurring invoices to stay on top of billing for monthly or subscription services. Your customers have the option to enable autopay, adding convenience for them while helping you collect payments on time, month after month.

Customized Receipts

Using PayAnywhere, your business can create receipts completely tailored to your needs. Include your logo and business information on every receipt to keep your branding and critical details in front of customers. Have customers who want to go paperless? No problem! With PayAnywhere, you can print receipts or send them via email or SMS message.

Learn More About PayAnywhere

PayAnywhere helps businesses build customer relationships and stay on top of financials. Ready to see what PayAnywhere can do for your business? Learn more about our services, hardware, and support when you contact us today!

Significantly Reduce Credit Card Fees

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