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What is “Pay-At-the-Table?”

Pay-at-the-table is simply the ability of a restaurant patron to pay for their meal right at the table without ever loosing sight of their card. This allows the waitress to present the bill and collect payment all in one trip to the table with a wireless terminal with a touch screen. You no longer need check presenters at your restaurant. Gone are the days when you had to chase patrons out to their car because they signed the ‘customer copy’ of the receipt instead of the merchant copy. They will sign right on the screen before the receipt prints.

How Does Pay at the Table Benefit Your Customers?

This part is simple. By having the ability to accept payment right at the table, customers are no longer waiting for a waitress or waiter to process payment, bring back the receipt, and wait for a signature. This can shave minutes from wait times and get the customer on their way much sooner.

Shorter wait times lead to happier customers and faster table turn.

Plus, there is the added benefit of security for your customers. Credit card information can be stolen in seconds while the wait staff has a customer’s credit card. By avoiding this lag time, skimming devices can’t be used to steal a patron’s credit card information. Learn more about credit card skimming.

How Does Pay at the Table Benefit Your Staff?

Larger tip amounts are likely with the pay-at-the-table because customers can choose a tip amount directly on the screen. Few patrons can pick the lowest tip option when their server is standing right in front of them. In fact, a much higher percentage opt for the highest tip option once you roll out Pay at the Table. This leads to increased satisfaction for your wait staff and less overall turnover. Plus, the faster they get customers out of the door, the faster they can turn the table to generate even more money for the business and for their tips. With pay at the table, restaurants can typically seat 1-4 more customers per table per day.

Get Started with the Pay At the Table POS System

    Improve Efficiencies and Margins with Pay at the Table POS Systems

    Pay at the table is increasing in popularity among restaurant owners. Not only does it enable your employees to securely accept payments in one trip to the table, but it has also been proven to improve the overall experience for your customers.

    Pay at the table is starting to emerge in fine dining, sit down restaurants, quick service restaurants, diners, buffets and more. This means, it’s widely acceptable and is a great way to save time, money and improve productivity for your staff.

    While historically Pay-At-The-Table was either prohibitively expensive, or unreliable. It is now low cost, easy and reliable with our PayAnywhere POS solution. Pay at the Table is actually becoming a common feature with many of our other restaurant POS systems such as Paradise POS.

    How Does a Pay at the Table POS System Work?

    We provide a PAX A920 wireless terminal with a fully functioning POS solution including a full list of your menu items. The waiter or waitress can take the terminal right to the table, the card holder can swipe their card at the table, add a tip, sign and see the payment go through in real-time.

    Plus, the POS systems we offer can also include the EDGE Program to help you cover the cost of non-cash payments. Don’t miss that point. We can provide you Pay-At-The-Table for functionality and save you a fortune over what you are paying now.

    Pay at the Table POS Systems

    We are proud to offer 3 different POS systems that support pay at the table processing. This innovative technology isn’t offered with all point of sale platforms, so to find the right one for your restaurant business, either review the 3 most popular options below or contact us for help.

    We allow you to choose from the following options that include pay at the table technology:

    Is a Pay at the Table POS System Right for You?

    Contact us today for more information or Request a free demo from us on one of our three compatible POS systems and we will help you better understand if pay at the table is the right option for your restaurant business.

    Significantly Reduce Credit Card Fees

    POS Systems

    Pay At The Table POS Systems

    Pay at the table is increasing in popularity among restaurant owners. Not only does it enable your employees to securely accept payments in one trip to the table, but it has also been proven to improve the overall experience for your customers.

    Paradise POS Systems

    It is no secret that Paradise POS is a leading solution for Restaurants, Bars and nightclubs. What sets the Paradise POS system apart from others? This innovative software combines the best of both worlds for your business. Enjoy legacy POS functions with the ease of an iPad interface.

    AST POS Systems

    The features of the AST POS are hard to beat! Vigore POS comes fully loaded with multiple features for dine-in, quick service, phone orders, general retail, small grocery, inventory control and much more.

    Micros POS Systems

    Everything your business needs from one trusted advisor. The MICROS POS System is ideal for a one-location mom and pop shop to a global chain of more than 20 locations. There is no other POS system quite like MICROS to grow your restaurant or hospitality business.

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